Green Forests Work has partnered with AllPeople Marketplace

Green Forests Work is excited to announce its partnership with AllPeople Marketplace, an online marketplace committed to creating a positive impact with every purchase, by providing access to the highest ethical, organic and sustainable products for conscious consumers and families, while bringing nonprofits together to create positive change for the world.

AllPeople Marketplace only works with brands that are committed to responsible and ethical sourcing of natural, organic products and sustainable quality. Furthermore, Allpeople Marketplace supports brands that manufacture using non-polluting, energy efficient and natural resources, while reducing its carbon footprint with every order by shipping responsibly.

Green Forests Work appreciates this opportunity and is thrilled to partner and support Allpeople Marketplace, a company that brings people, brands and nonprofit organizations together as we continue our work to restore forests on formerly mined lands and create renewable and sustainable multi-use resources that provide economic opportunities while enhancing the local and global environment.