About AllPeople Marketplace:

Empowering Change through Conscious Consumerism

Our Purpose and Vision

At AllPeople Marketplace, our mission is to unite communities, brands, and nonprofits to effect positive global change. We believe in the power of conscious consumerism to reshape our world. By providing access to top-tier natural, organic, and sustainable products, we empower consumers to support organizations that align with their values. Together, we can create a healthier, more sustainable future for all

Our Journey: Making a Difference

Founded by Bill Wollrab, AllPeople Marketplace was born from a deep desire to empower consumers to uplift others. We have created an online marketplace that goes beyond just selling products. Our vision extends to a world where everyone has the opportunity to live healthily, make informed choices, and contribute positively to society. Through every transaction, we strive to make a lasting impact

Our Principles: Guiding Our Actions

Curated Products

Elevating Quality and Values We believe that everyone deserves access to products that are not only beneficial for individuals but also for the planet that's why we collaborate exclusively with brands committed to ethical sourcing and producing natural, organic goods.

Planet First

Nurturing a Sustainable Future We are passionate about protecting our planet for future generations. Our endorsed brands prioritize non- polluting, energy-efficient, and natural resource- based manufacturing practices. We also take responsibility for our own Impact by shipping responsibly and reducing our carbon footprint with each order.

Continuous Giving

Sharing the Power of Community We believe In the power of community support for local and cause-based organizations. That's why we donate 5% of every dollar spent at our marketplace, a higher percentage than most for-profit companies. Together, we can make a difference.

Economic Equality

Uniting for Change We aim to unite people, brands, and nonprofit partners to address some of the most significant challenges we face today. By working together, we can create positive change In our communities and globally.

Our Collaborators:

Brands and Nonprofits Making a Difference

We proudly spotlight brand partners who share our values and continually innovate to enhance the products you use daily. Our nonprofit partners are at the forefront of making a real difference in the world, addressing significant challenges and improving lives. Together, we form a powerful network of changemakers.

Our Squad: Committed to a Better Future

Our team, led by founder Bill Wollrab, is driven by a shared commitment to healthier, more sustainable business practices, wealth equality, and the accessibility of sustainable goods. With diverse expertise and a passion for positive change, we work tirelessly to fulfill our purpose and vision.

Innovative Business Structure: Your Voice, Our Impact

AllPeople.co is unique in its ownership structure. We are entirely owned by customers and employees who prioritize societal and environmental welfare over profits. We are dedicated to empowering individuals through responsible consumerism, enabling them to influence change through their purchases

Join the AllPeople Revolution: Be the Change

Experience a new era of online shopping where you're not just a customer - you're an owner. Discover how your everyday shopping can make a difference. Be a part of a movement that's changing the face of online retail. Experience a marketplace that puts people and the planet first. Explore our unique partnerships with nonprofits across the globe. With every purchase, you're supporting a cause close to your heart, making a difference in your community, and helping to changethe world. We believe that consistent, genuine, and focused actions taken by enough individuals cancreate the momentum needed to address some of the most urgent problems of our era.