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About Us Draft

Our Mission

AllPeople Marketplace is bringing communities of like-minded people, brands and nonprofits together to help make positive change for the world.

Let's harness our power as conscious consumers to transform our world

We want more than a better future. We want a better future for all. And to us, this means that you should have:

  1. Access to the highest quality natural, organic and sustainable.
  2. The choice to give to the organizations and nonprofits you care about.
  3. The opportunity to own and have a voice in the marketplace where your family spends their money.

Our Story

Bill Wollrab founded AllPeople with an altruistic goal to empower consumers to empower others. Together, we as a team have worked to design a marketplace that not only provides good, organic pantry items for your family, but for all families. We like to imagine a world where all people have the opportunity to eat well and do better.

Incremental, sincere and concentrated action, if taken by enough good people, will generate the momentum required to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Our Values

Hand Selected Products

All people should have access to and opportunity to buy good for you, good for the earth products. That’s why we only work with brands that are committed to responsible and ethical sourcing of natural, organic products.

Earth First

We only support brands that manufacture using non-polluting, energy efficient and natural resources. And, we are doing our part in reducing waste by shipping responsibly and reducing our carbon footprint with every order.

Always Giving Back

Local communities and cause-based organizations thrive when they are lifted by their neighbors. That’s why we give more than other for-profit companies by donating 5% of every dollar you spend at our marketplace.

Wealth Equality

We are bringing together people, brands and nonprofit partners to help solve some of the biggest issues we face today. Together, we can make a change in our communities and in our world.

Our Partners

Meet our brand partners who share your values, finding new ways to improve the products you use every day. Our goal is to spotlight small and independent businesses making a difference in your community.

Meet our nonprofit partners who are changing the world. Their dedicated efforts are tackling some of the biggest challenges we face today. Check out our full list of nonprofit partners to donate your 5% gift to.

Our Team

Bill Wollrab

Founder of AllPeople

Driven by Wealth Equality

As a true visionary, Bill sees his role as a leader in this community. As a founding member of the Yard House chain, Bill saw first hand the power of people coming together for community causes. It is with that experience that he set out to create a marketplace where people could have a voice in the types of products they buy, give directly to the causes they care about, and share in the success of their store.

Anne Robertson

Board member at AllPeople

Driven by Hand Selected Products

Anne is a dedicated advocate of environmentally conscious organizations. Anne is dedicated to finding a new and better way for businesses to operate while putting the health and well-being of the planet, as well as, the people first. At AllPeople, Anne aims to promote products that are good for you and good for the Earth.

David Chang

Board member at AllPeople

Driven by Wealth Equality

David has assisted privately and publicly-held companies for over 27 years. As the president and founder of a financial advisory company, David ensures that everyone gets their fair compensation and benefits. He is focused on helping AllPeople promote wealth equality by using his expertise to allow our customers invest into AllPeople.

Jon Fox

E-Commerce Advisor at AllPeople

Driven by Hand Selected Products

Jon believes that sustainable and high-quality goods should be available to everyone. As our e-commerce advisor, he brings over 20 years of experience in the digital realm and wants to make sure that our products are just a click away at a fair price for the consumer and the producer.

Rong Wang

CFO at AllPeople

Driven by Wealth Equality

Rong believes that equality is about giving everyone an opportunity to make the changes they want to see in the world. As an accomplished business leader working at Fortune 500 companies and startups, she advises the AllPeople team to make equality a reality and help others achieve their dreams.