APM: A Customer-Centric Revolution

APM: A Customer-Centric Revolution

Greetings, AllPeople community! Ever pondered what drives us? Get ready for an in-depth look behind the scenes at AllPeople Marketplace, courtesy of our founder, Bill Wollrab.

Creating More Than Brands

At AllPeople, we're not just about building a brand; we're creating an environment where customer loyalty takes center stage. Our approach goes beyond typical business practices by cutting marketing costs significantly, resulting in lower customer acquisition expenses (CAC). This, in turn, boosts the long-term value we provide to our customers.


A Fair Model: Sharing Profits with You

But there's more to the AllPeople story than financial success. We're introducing a fair model that shares profits with our customers and investors through innovative profit-sharing methods. Instead of most profits going to big names, it goes back to the people who make our community thrive.


Empowering Advocacy: From Customers to Supporters

A key part of our model is empowering our customers and investors to become advocates for the AllPeople movement. By encouraging them to share their experiences on social media, we create a ripple effect that goes beyond traditional marketing. The more our customers speak up for us, the more we grow, positively impacting our stock value.


More Than Transactions: The Power of Advocacy

 Our competitive edge comes from a groundbreaking, low-cost customer acquisition strategy. AllPeople has partnered with nonprofits, schools, and Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs), creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. We provide these groups with tools to promote AllPeople to their supporters, and 5% of each purchase goes directly to them.


Redefining Giving: Tenfold Support

 This innovative approach surpasses the traditional Amazon Smile program, now discontinued, offering a tenfold increase in support for nonprofits and schools. Instead of pouring money into tech giants, we direct those resources toward meaningful causes. Our network of nonprofit partners boasts over one million supporters, forming a community dedicated to positive change.


Investing in Impact: Meaningful Word-of-Mouth Marketing

At AllPeople, we believe in the power of genuine, low-cost word-of-mouth marketing. We choose to invest in the causes our customers care about, redirecting funds towards nonprofits and schools rather than traditional advertising channels. Our founder, Bill Wollrab, emphasizes, "We'd rather support your favorite nonprofit or your children’s school than give this money to companies like Google and Facebook."


Join the Journey: Where Every Purchase Matters

In a world where customer-centricity meets social impact, AllPeople Marketplace is reshaping business norms. 

Join us in this innovative journey, where every purchase contributes not only to a thriving marketplace but also to the improvement of communities and causes worldwide.

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