Soap: More than just bubbles

Soap: More than just bubbles

By Madeleine Pearce

An ocean breeze, coconut, and sweet almond -- all reminiscent of a tropical vacation, but just out of reach thanks to the pandemic. 

After spending the last few months hiding away in quarantine, most of us are itching to get outside and away from home. But we’re not quite there yet.

Recently, basic household soap has become every quarantined family’s best friend. Not only does it keep us clean, but there’s a luxury in using a soap that’s both of high quality and like a quick preview of your post-pandemic destination. 

With AllPeople, it’s about the complete experience. We want you to enjoy the product and still feel good about using it, so every purchase helps you and the planet you love. 

All of our featured products in this post are affordable, safe, and natural. We put the consumer and the planet first, making sure you’re satisfied with each purchase while helping to protect our natural world.

How is my soap made? 

Soap has been around for thousands of years, but its basic elements haven’t changed much since it was first produced. AllPeople offers a wide variety of soaps, with a selection of natural soaps that align with many traditional recipes and skip out on additives like artificial scents and colors. Not sure what to choose? There’s always plenty of unscented options. Otherwise, enjoy a healthy dose of aromatherapy with each use of any soap that is made with natural essential oils.

AllPeople has a variety of natural soaps made from three base ingredients: oil, water, and lye. Once mixed in the correct proportions, they chemically form soap. Some soaps limit additional ingredients, so you get cleaning power with more natural formulations. AllPeople also works with companies that use vegetable oil or coconut oil, making sure vegan options are always available to match your lifestyle.  These soaps also help protect the environment by limiting the number of resources going into each product.

So what’s so great about AllPeople soap?

We know you need your soap, but why not feel good about your purchase while making sure you get all your essentials?

It’s got to be simple:

Some of our featured brands focus on using minimal ingredients and keeping their products more natural. This means you can get a variety of comforting scents like honeysuckle and coconut creme without all the additives of some major brands. At AllPeople you can find soaps that are simply made, sustainable, and/or cruelty-free. 

Help out the planet:

AllPeople carries dozens of soaps with Leaping Bunny certifications. Leaping Bunny is a certification that is known internationally for guaranteeing that a product did not use any animal testing. We prioritize the planet alongside people at AllPeople, with products that make a difference in the world we share.

Want to go organic? We carry many soaps containing certified organic ingredients that are also locally and sustainably sourced. Organic can also means better for the environment -- no synthetic pesticides or any unnatural fertilizers that could harm the planet. Instead, each ingredient is sustainably produced and doesn’t contribute to the pollution of our natural world.

Essential oils and natural extracts offering a range of options like honey, shea butter, lavender, and coconut. Fair-trade products are also included in our selection of soaps, meaning our partners have high standards both socially and environmentally. 

Only the best for your skin:

Tired of soaps that dry out your skin with each use?  Some specialty soaps are loaded with vitamins and nutrients to keep your skin moisturized and balanced naturally. With no artificial colors, you’ll know that what you’re seeing is what you’re getting -- no secrets hiding inside your products. Look for natural ingredients that moisturize like olive oil, shea butter, and plant-based oils to ensure your skin stays hydrated.

I’ve got my soap, but am I using it right?

It might seem obvious, but washing your hands is the best way to keep yourself and your family healthy. Washing your hands appears easy enough, but don’t skip through the process -- using soap correctly is key to preventing the spread of the coronavirus and any other threatening germs. Remember to be patient as you wash. Here’s how it works:

  1. Turn on your water to begin washing. Remember to conserve and use only the water you need to wet your hands!
  2. Grab your natural soap and scrub your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds or sing the happy birthday song twice. Make sure to reach every inch and remember: Don’t rush!
  3. After scrubbing completely, rinse off all the soap with warm water. Our soaps will leave you feeling clean and refreshed!
  4. Always dry your hands with a clean towel. AllPeople’s featured soaps will keep your hands moisturized and healthy so you’re ready to take on your next project!

Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favorite products:

Go back to basics with Clearly Natural

Every Clearly Natural soap only uses essential ingredients to create peace of mind for the user -- that means no unnecessary additives, no parabens, and no sodium lauryl sulfate. Best of all, it’s hypoallergenic so there’s less worry about any irritations that other soaps with extra ingredients may cause. 

Keep it vegan with Kirk’s

Kirk’s  is an all vegetable based and free of animal by-products. The soap is biodegradable, free from artificial colorants, phthalates, sulfates, parabens, edta, and glutens  so you can feel good about what goes on your body. The soap is made in the USA and has been dermatologist tested safe for sensitive skin, making Kirk’s a fantastic option for every family. 

Get rid of grime with The Grandpa Soap Co.

Made with Epsom salt and baking soda, The Grandpa Soap Co. works hard with natural ingredients to get rid of dirt and clean your skin. It’s also gluten-free so you can feel refreshed and satisfied with what’s on your body. 

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